About the Mamas

Anja Wray, founder of Sweet Treat Ceramics, discovered her love for art at an early age. With the support of her mother, she pursued sewing, drawing and painting. She developed a knack for learning new crafts and a flair for design. Later, her interest turned to fashion design.

Anja received her degree in Clothing and Textiles from Appalachian State University, where she studied art, clothing design and interior design. During college, she spent a summer in Italy hand painting fabric designs. After graduation, she worked in the North Carolina apparel industry for three years. Anja pursued a master's degree in Textile Marketing and began teaching Interior Design, Clothing Design, Fashion Merchandising and Parenting in public high school.

In 2002, Anja found a new love: clay. She began working with clay by creating and painting uniquely hand-built pieces and bisque pieces. As her work was discovered, the demand grew for Anja’s art. Her passion for pottery led to the founding of Kilnary Art and in 2003, Kilnary Art opened its online store.

Anja retired from teaching in October 2003 when her daughter, Sydney Rose, was born. Between 2003 and 2004, Anja's husband, Bert, was deployed to Iraq. During that time, Anja's role as full-time mom took center stage, but she continued to work part-time in her home studio. When Bert returned home, Anja was filled with renewed spirit and energy and Kilnary Art grew again.

In 2005, Kilnary Art became Sweet Treat Ceramics. The new name was followed by the launch of a new website, updated to reflect the cheerful designs of Anja's pottery. Anja creates all of her pottery and hand paints each piece, adding her own touch of whimsy and fun

When Anja is not busy with Sydney, now age 6, Camden, age 4, and new baby Laney Lou, 17 months, she can be found working in her home studio, brushing their pony Zeus or spending time with Bert and her beloved dogs Callie, Bailey and Brutus.

Born in Connecticut but a North Carolina native since 1992, Sherry Dula is a devoted wife and stay-at-home mother. After 7 years of dating, Sherry and Doug started their family in 2003. They were married in Santorini, Greece. Doug is the best husband, father and friend she could possibly imagine. Sherry is now a mother of two, Luke, age 6, and Kennedy, age 2. Being a mother is the most challenging, yet rewarding experience of her life thanks to the grace of God and her husband!

Sherry graduated in 1990 from college with an undergraduate degree in English. After too many years of working as a Business Analyst in software development, she thought staying at home raising children would be a walk in the park. Well, typically lots of parks are involved, but she’s always running after a child!!

Sherry started crafting with her sister and mother while in high school. Her sister was married and out of the house so it was her mother’s way of keeping them close. Sherry has always enjoyed making ‘stuff’, but she feels as if she is not very creative, but her friends will all tell you that she is the most fabulous cook and always has a great recipe up her sleeve.

Sherry Dula is a little sweet and a lot sassy, but filled with a whole lot of love for her family, friends and Savior. She loves cooking, exercising, reading (especially to her children), watching movies and sports, date nights with her man and crafting with her girls. Diet coke and chocolate are her life-long guilty pleasures. She is a self-proclaimed organizational diva and task-master. She gets all warm and fuzzy making to-do lists, but the real excitement comes with cleaning out closets, drawers, or whatever/whoever needs organizing. See why she needs craft night?

John Lennon

"I get by with a little help from my friends."

Mama Made It

Colossians 3:17

"And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him."